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anticommittee's Journal

Han Solo
25 May
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han solo. rp info.
Orphan. Criminal. Officer. Smuggler. Pilot. Rebel. Hero. General. Husband. Father. Legend. Han is active at sixwordstories. I can play him from basically any canon point from... childhood through the NJO if you want. Otherwise he'll probably default to floating around in the movies.

His canon is Star Wars. In case you missed that memo.

Guess what? This is a roleplaying journal. SHOCKER. I don't own Han Solo, Harrison Ford, George Lucas, or Star Wars. :C
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being cooler than luke, bria, carbonite cruises, chewie, credits, dirty hands, dl-44s, fierce princesses, leia, not knowing the odds, sabaac, shitty spaceport bars, shooting first, smuggling spice, the falcon, the kessel run, wookie life debts