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paradisa ☥ application

NAME: Arden
JOURNAL: dancinpenguins 
EMAIL: kiwi4ever13[at]hotmail[dot]com
AIM: thegreatmuldini
WIKI NAME: dancinpenguins
CHARACTERS: Lois Lane | loisfuckinglane 

FANDOM: Star Wars
CANON: After being frozen in carbonite at the end of The Empire Strikes Back
WHAT THEY LOST: Han's silver tongue has long been an important part of his life - it's essential to a smuggler, scoundrel, and gambler to be able to pull one over on others, and Han's fast talking has saved his skin and helped him pull a con many a time.   Paradisa, however, must be trying to make an honest man out of him: while he can still lie, Han is occasionally struck with the sudden uncontrollable urge to blurt out his honest intentions/feelings when he's in the middle of attempting to deceive somebody.  Given that it doesn't happen every time, it'll serve to make him think twice about whether it's worth the risk to lie in situations where he's always taken deception for granted.


Han Solo is born of Corellian stock, meaning he comes from a planet of people known for their independent, maverick dispositions, and their love of beating the odds.  He embodies these traits, and the Corellian courage and aura of immortality that makes them such large personalities on the galactic spectrum.  Orphaned in his youth within the streets of the city, Han was taken in before he was ten by the violent, hot-tempered bounty hunter Garris Shrike, ringleader of a crime circuit that took in orphans Oliver Twist style and turned them into thieves.  Deprived of a standard education, the first skills Han picked up were criminal in nature, as well as the study of people, ships, smuggling, and con games.  He did read in his spare time to pick up some knowledge of science and history, and attended schools occasionally as part of con jobs for Shrike.  He formed a strong attachment to an old Wookiee matron who served under Shrike, named Dewlanna, from whom he learned to understand the language, and who he came to view as a mother figure.

To keep the young ones in line, Shrike would beat them horribly when they misstepped or tried to oppose him, and tortured them as well, occasionally with the use of poisons.  Han resented and feared the man, but Shrike met any signs of fear with violence.  Han quickly came to see evincing fear as a quick recipe for displaying weakness and inviting someone to take advantage of his vulnerability.   In that band of cutthroats, respect was only earned through bravery, or more specifically, an attitude of bravado that boasted of the ability to take whatever they could dish out without fear.  It became his instinctive response to bury any such feelings both on the surface and within, so that he wouldn't even allow himself to think about the possibility of losing.

When Han finally orchestrated his escape from Shrike, it cost the life of Dewlanna, his mother figure, who urged him to go on and lead a happy life so that she wouldn't have died for nothing.  His strong attachment to her betrayed the truth under his gruff exterior: that he was capable of forming deep bonds of loyalty and love.  He desired to find those again in his true family, but when he finally located his living relatives, they turned out to be terrible people, who betrayed him.  While he would continue to hold on to his unique concepts of loyalty, Han also became well versed in treachery, and it all contributed to his 'every man for himself' philosophy. 

With Corellia's isolationist government policies, the darker side of the Empire wasn't something that Han really concerned himself about initially.  After all, growing up in the midst of criminals, his views on morality were slightly skewed, and he knew of the more corrupt end of politicians and bureaucrats firsthand.  He dreamed of becoming a pilot in the Imperial navy.  Escaping Shrike, however, proved difficult, and he first spent time on the planet Ylesia, working to gain pilot experience, where he met a religious pilgrim named Bria Tharen and fell in love with her.  Together, they unearthed the scam behind the religious pilgrimages on the planet, and Han's desire to stop the unjust practice demonstrated a lot about his underlying character, despite his dark roots.    With bounties on his head after accidentally killing a Hutt, Han had his entire identity reconfigured, but Shrike hunted him down anyways.  The confrontation ended with Shrike dead - though Bria, struggling with an addiction to the exultation drug given to pilgrims like her - left Han and broke his heart.

Alone again, and finally free entirely of Shrike, Han fulfilled his dream of enrolling in Imperial Academy.  He invested a great deal of belief in the honor of the military, perhaps as a result of the longstanding Corellian investment in military honor.  He sharpened his piloting skills and rose to the ranks of lieutenant, but his illustrious career was cut short when his entire concept of what the Empire stood for was shattered.  He was assigned to duties that included dealing with the slave trade, where he encountered Chewbacca, who had helped free a group of Wookiee children from slavery.  Han's superiors ordered him to skin the Wookiee, but Han wouldn't follow through, and was to work construction on Coruscant beside the Wookiee slaves.  He was given a perspective on their plight, and the chance to fulfill his debt to Dewlanna, when Chewbacca turned on a superior officer, and Han saved his life and helped him escape.

Met with a dishonorable discharge from military service, Han was left with a very bad taste in his mouth regarding what the Empire stood for and the actual fools who comprised its commanding ranks, and exactly how 'honorable' the xenophobic, harsh government really was.  Chewbacca swore a life debt to him, and together they returned to Han's first trade: smuggling.

Frustrated and cynical after his experiences in the military, and losing those he'd previously cared about, Han wasn't even quick to bond with Chewie, and threw himself into gambling and drinking as a way to avoid facing up to the reality of his feelings.  When a Barabel almost killed him over a sabacc match, Chewie intervened and saved Han's skin, prompting the beginnings of an actual deep friendship between the two.  The two became a very successful smuggling team, and the career afforded Han a personal level of freedom that he cherished.  He made other friends along the way, including taking in a young orphan who tried to convince Han he was a relative.  Even though he knew better, the kid reminded him of himself, and he brought him along on a lot of his flights and adventures.   Han served a brief stint as a magician's stage assistant when he was in a relationship with a magician named Xaverri, and she also introduced him to activities that were a part of the slowly growing Rebellion.  Knowing fully well what the Empire was actually capable of, Han displayed no remaining loyalty to it, not wanting to be a part of something so corrupted.  He participated in the Battle of Nar Shaddaa, along with other pirates and smugglers, to destroy the Imperials attacking the Smuggler's Moon.

After winning the Millenium Falcon from his friend Lando, he and Chewie ended up flying from one end of the galaxy to the other, so that he might escape the matrimonial intentions of his sometime girlfriend Salla.  While he'd had a couple of longterm relationships, Han valued his freedom and the thought of being tied down at such a young age scared the crap out of him.  Han and Chewbacca worked for a wide breadth of employers during this time, and had innumerable crazy adventures, often getting by on the skin of their teeth, and landing themselves in trouble with the law, Hutts, and other smugglers along the way.  

Han's life changed drastically after he was forced to dump a load of glitterstem that he was smuggling for Jabba the Hutt, when he got boarded by some Imperials.  Jabba sent the bounty hunter Greedo to collect the money from him, and Han found himself on Tattooine looking to make a quick credit, where he offered the services of his pride and joy, the Millenium Falcon, to Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker.  When Greedo confronted Solo, meaning to kill him, Han took him out, and then personally bartered with Jabba for more time to get the credits.   What was meant to be a simple charter trip ended up sucking Han directly into an encounter with Imperials, and the Rebel leader Princess Leia Organa, who he helped rescue from Imperial clutches.  While he originally only agreed to help out because of the promise of a reward, it became clear over time that Han's conscience wouldn't let him just walk away from the Rebel cause.  He helped the Rebels win the Battle of Yavin and was decorated with a medal of honor for his assistance.

Meeting Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, and getting drawn more intimately into the Rebellion wore a lot of cracks into Han's carefully constructed facade of self-interest.  He continued to travel with them, instead of walking away, as he continued to threaten to do, inspired by the selflessness he saw in their (admittedly kind of hopeless) cause.  While he didn't understand Luke's 'Jedi' training, and continued to protest that there was no evidence in his experience of any kind of greater power guiding the fate of the universe, underneath it all he hoped for as much to be true, as he had since the death of Dewlanna in his childhood.  Han desperately wants to be able to believe in something greater, but doesn't think someone in his line of work can afford to - it's putting too much faith in something outside the self.

Directly before coming to Paradisa, Han and friends were betrayed by his old friend Lando Calrissian, who was forced by the Empire to trap them into coming to Cloud City.  As a test of the carbonite freezing chamber meant to transport Luke Skywalker to the Empire, Darth Vader had Han Solo frozen in carbonite, and delivered him to the bounty hunter Boba Fett, to take to Jabba.  Before he was frozen, Leia admitted her feelings for him (and he did for her, in his own special way).  

In his youth, Han developed a lifelong secret dream: to one day be the greatest pilot the galaxy had ever known, to be respected by all, have a group of friends who loved him and he could rely on, to have a beautiful wife to share in his adventures, and to be an amazing father to children that he would never abandon as he had been abandoned.  This childhood vision of his actually remained his secret fantasy throughout the years that followed, and would eventually coalesce into a reality for him, after the fall of the Empire.  This dream reflects that sentimental Corellian spark that he houses deep within (also visible in the way he named his first ship Bria, after his first love).  He desires, over most things, to be respected, having come from incredibly disrespectable roots, and part of his turning over a new life from his childhood of hard crime was so that he could hold his head up proudly due to having gotten where he was through hard work.  ... It's worth noting, however, that he never really thought about smuggling as something that wasn't in itself honest work, despite it being illegal.   He and Chewie stuck to a strict ethical code of their own: while they'd transport all manner of things for all sorts of shady employers, they'd never work for the slave trade.

On the surface, Han presents himself as cocky, arrogant, inventive, streetsmart, confident, cynical, and full of dry humor, while underneath he's an incredibly loyal man with a heart of gold and a strong desire to see the unjust get theirs.   However much of a scoundrel who loves credits he may come across as, he's one of the heroes, through and through.


Han had a bad feeling about this.


Whoever's running this show's got a unique way of dealing with prisoners, I'll give you that.  I'm guessin' asking for a quick shuttle off this rock's not gonna get me too far, but it's worth putting out there, at least.

I'll say one thing: this place definitely isn't to Hutt tastes.  Things would be a little more covered in slime, and the girls would be a lot more scantily clad.  So how the hell'd I wind up here?  I'm doubting the old slug got bored and decided to auction off his new work of art.   Maybe that bounty hunter got boarded; in which case whoever thawed me out - I owe you a drink.

INTENT: Star Wars is my oldest and dearest fandom, and so I approach taking on any character from it with a great amount of respect for all the source material.  I've read all the relevant background novels about Han's pre-movie life, as well as a large quantity of the Expanded Universe canon from after Return of the Jedi.  I RP as Han's son, Jacen at two games currently, and I've always wanted to play Han in a game as well, but it's been impossible for me to play him at either of those places because of their close canon relationship.  Playing Han from a canon point in the films keeps him close to the Han that casual Star Wars viewers are used to seeing, without having him carry around the baggage of the complicated post-Empire era.  At Paradisa, while he probably won't do anything to try and unravel the great mystery of the place, he's still a good guy who will begrudgingly help out in dangerous situations - or in ones where he might benefit.  

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